Holy sweet mother of pearl! This is amazeballs!!
We all have that one thing we want to do/become. One thing we’d like to pursue only if our circumstance were somewhat different— probably if it were better. We all have dreams inside of us, but we always save it for a time deemed appropriate. More wealth? Stability? A significant other? There’s always going to be an excuse, always a reason to put it off. But just do it! It’s never to late, neither is it to early to start. Whatever it is, let it bring the best out of you, and let it challenge you. Grow. And learn in the process. It’s gonna be amazing. And it’s definitely gonna be beautiful. Good luck! :) #magicalselfietime
Love the fools
I’m on a boat!
Selfie of the day!
Sometimes you just need a chimichanga at 3am…
Rocco’s Fun-Guy pizza.