Rocco’s Fun-Guy pizza.
Red velvet with vanilla!! 😊
This is a really nice Starbucks…
It’s little things like this that make me smile. Coat hangers near the seating area.. :) it’s adorable. It makes me feel like I’m somewhere new. And it makes me feel like I just went away someplace all over again.
Panera Bread 💕
Night stroll on the pier.
Pop-in x Rag & Bone 💕
Leather. Croc slipons. Truffle cookie. Mango iced tea. Nice weather. Duck tours passing by. Oh and of course tomato soup. My lunch. :)
Free shoes from work! Woopwoop
Just got a phonecall

It was nice to talk verbally on the phone for once in a great while. And the fact that it was longer than 2 minutes was nice. It was refreshing, made me think upon things, and challenged me. But overall thoughtful and much appreciated.

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I hurt my foot from wearing heels all the time

My metatarsal bone is throbbing.

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